JD's Canes & Things
This site is about Cane's & Walking sticks and jewelry.
Material's i use are Antler, Ivory, Stone, Bone, Hard
woods. Material's are gathered from Canada, U.S.A.,
and South America.
I am self taught, I do specialty item's of my own design.
Here are pic's. of a few of my specialty item's that i have made. 1.
Diamond Willow stick, Antler handle, front band is iron wood, then an Ivory button with
scrimshaw Letter (C) on front. Back handle button is Iron wood with ivory dot in
center. 2. Elk Antler rose, Cane Handle, with carved bear head. 3. Elk Antler Knife
and scaberd, with carmel walrus ivory ends.
Walking stick: Handle is elk horn with rose quart's stone.
band is black pipe stone, diamond willow stick center, blak
pipe stone band, cherry wood stick. 2. Elk antler handle with
blk, pipestone top knob and same front button with brass
inlay. Cherry wood stick. 3. Deer Antler handle rose end,
iron wood button with ivory dot, plume wood stick
EARRINGS: 7 pair of walrus tooth Ivory earrings, and 1 pair
of Abalone, garnet, and dalmation jasper, and 4mm s/s
STAFF: Elk horn rose with eye guard handle.
Abalone inlay side's and handle face. Blk pipe
stone and red pipe stone bands Diamond
willow stick
Anklets: Made with semi-precious stone beads, s/s
beads, Stone Beads: (Blk. Onix, turq., Garnets,
snowflake obsidian, Hewlite, Leperd skin Jasper,
Dalmation Jasper, Mother pearl, Red Jasper. etc.)
CANE: Ram horn handle, Mastodon
Ivory plug in end of horn handle.
Ironwood band, Diamond Willow stick
CANE'S: 1. Elk Horn handle, Iron wood
ends with ivory dot's in ends. Abalone
inlay's on Handle. Diamond willow stick.
2. Mule Deer Rose handle, with diamond
willow stick.
MUlti- color stone
STAFF: (Left side)
Alabaster stone
buttons with
Abalone inlay, 2
brass inlays. Iron
wood Band,
Diamond Willow
MY E-Mail address: jim@jdcanesthings.com